Scholarships and Grants

Jujitsu America currently has the following Scholarships and Grants (listed below) 
If you have any questions, please email the Scholarship Fund Chairperson: Richard Bunch ([email protected]) 

Jujitsu America Scholarship Program

The Jujitsu America scholarship fund supports our most deserving members to continue to develop and improve their Danzan-ryu Jujitsu knowledge and skills, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so.

Follow these links to learn more or to apply for a scholarship.

Jujitsu America Scholarship Information

Jujitsu America Scholarship Application

Jujitsu America Scholarship Instructor Transcript


Jujitsu America Ken Kawachi Grant

The purpose of this grant is to encourage the applicant’s participation in Jujitsu America functions, to foster goodwill and harmony among its membership.

Each grant will be for $50.00 Jujitsu America sponsored events in the amount up to $500.00 for International events.

Grants will be limited to active club owner’s active members.  Their assistances or top students.

Consideration will be given to those that have to travel the farthest first, with other hardship cases after that.

All applicants will submit their request directly to the president and the selected applicants will be made among the standards board committee.

To apply, download the  Jujitsu America Ken Kawachi Grant Application